Our General Partners

Hi, I am a founder turned investor.


As a previous founder of a few startups that resulted in a couple of private exits, most of my venture exposure is in the earliest stages of the startup lifecycle.  It’s was a natural progression to start supporting founders and becoming an early-stage investor.


One of my lifelong hobbies is Texas Hold’em:

Texas Hold’em and investing in new ventures overlap in many ways. In Poker, GTO & Exploitative Play is the same as Data Science driven decisions paired with Founder Assessment...add that with constantly having to make Calculated Risks, and you’ll have Venture Investing.

I am passionate about:

Investing in the future, poker, and leaving a positive impact.

Gordon Tsui, General Partner

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Hi, I am a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and private lender who has founded and funded several companies across Canada. 


In the past:
I was formerly the CEO of Peerfunder, a financial services company that empowers small businesses and entrepreneurs through innovative methods of financing, I was also a managing partner for Localcoin, where I helped the company scale to become the largest physical exchange in Canada


Industries I'm interested in:
Fintech, Neobanking, Blockchain, and Regtech


I am passionate about: 
Impact investing, democratizing access to capital, the unbundling of banking

Jonathan Lam, General Partner

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